An A to Z Guide of at Home Pet Care

Illustrated dogs sitting on a couch depicting how to take care of pets at home

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Having pets is a privilege everyone can afford. It’s a choice we take towards happiness, a better, healthier, more positive life, and at the same time, we are giving a small animal a home, love and care. 

But it is also important that we understand the responsibilities that come with having a pet. 

Yes, they are our play buddies, and our walking partners, but they need constant care and attention and more often than not, it is due to the negligence of care earlier in their lives, that most pets develop severe mental health or even physical health issues. 

Our guide aims to teach you the basics of taking care of pets, including grooming tips, at home. Please note that it is recommended that you take your pet to a professional groomer, at regular intervals, depending on the kind of pet you have, but it is also important to attend to their grooming needs at home. 

Here is a list of inexpensive things you can follow at home to take care of your pet – 

Brushing your Pet

Brushing your pet often (multiple times a day) helps keep their coats clean, fluffy and shiny. It keeps their coats from getting matted and removing pollen or general dust. It also helps you locate any bumps or lumps that should not be there, as well as any ticks or fleas that might have sneaked in.  

Bathing your Pet


If your pet is not hydrophobic and does not get violent when coming in contact with water, you can try bathing them at home, from time to time. Make sure that their fur is knot-free before you wet them.

Use lukewarm water, and a doctor-recommended shampoo. Long-haired pets might also require a conditioner. 

Remember to rinse properly, and leave no residue of the products on their hair. They might lick it afterwards and get sick. 

Trimming their Nails

Trimming your pet’s claws not only keeps you safe from getting scratched and harmed accidentally, but in cases of dogs, it is also beneficial to their spines, and long nails can get extremely uncomfortable if left unattended for a long period for both dogs and birds.

For cats and active dogs, you can wear baking gloves and wrap them in a towel or blanket to make sure you come out of the process unharmed. 

For cats, remember to trim only the very top portions – because they have retractable claws, there is a high chance, you may damage a vein if you cut off too much of their nails. 

Brushing their Teeth

This is a grooming tip that most pet owners do not follow diligently. Brushing your pet’s teeth, not only keeps their dental hygiene in check but also makes sure that they have fresh breath. You must always use a doctor-recommended toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothbrushes with softer bristles, tend to be better. 

Brush at a 45-degree angle, in small circular motions. 

Cleaning their Eyes

You can use cotton swabs to clean the corners of your pet’s eyes. But this has to be done carefully, so as to not make any contact with the eye. In case your pet looks uncomfortable, stop immediately and get a professional’s help. 

A few questions that pet owners have when doing pet care, are what can be done at home and what do we need a professional groomer for?

It mostly depends on how calm your pet is. For pets who are wigglier than others, it is recommended to only brush and clean gently and take your babies to a professional groomer for a detailed, luxurious cleaning session. 

We would also recommend not to ever cut your pet’s hair at home, as many unfortunate, not good-looking accidents have happened when owners decided to become hairstylists. 

A great way to make these grooming sessions more enjoyable for your pets is to reward them with treats once each task is over. This would turn grooming time from a most harrowing experience for your pets, to a bonding time with you, that they even might start looking forward to.