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Home and Farm Visits

You don’t need to worry about the journey - the destination is your pet’s wellbeing

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 Dr. AbdulMuttaleb Kalaji visiting a young white kid in a farm

Bringing pets to the clinic might pose a challenge to some pet owners. While some fur babies love the fresh air and the outdoors, there are many who are reluctant to go outside, especially in an unknown indoor environment. 

The reasons to get a home or farm visit can range from lack of transportation, uncomfortable summer heat, or simply a reluctant, fussy pet. In such circumstances, all you need to do is make an appointment and book your slot, and we’ll come right to your doorstep. 

Many pets also feel more comfortable with check-ups, etc. at home, because they know, they’re in a safe, familiar environment and are often very cooperative. We offer vaccinations, as well as special treatments at home, however, there may be some rare instances of critical conditions where we might request you get your pet to the clinic