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Our Story

“I saw how most of the vet clinics and grooming services around the city had become centres of business instead of a safe place for our little furry friends.
I recognized the need to have an institution that prioritized the wellbeing of our pets above everything else.”

Veterinarian  Dr. AbdulMuttaleb Kalaji performs microchipping on cats

Dr. Abdulmutalleb Kalaji

Head Doctor

 Dr. AbdulMuttaleb Kalaji holding a beautiful dog

What Makes Us Different?

One of the primary reasons for Al Hayat’s conception was a rising need for reliable veterinary clinics in the UAE that truly cared for animals and did not see this as a business model for monetary gains.

Dr Abdul’s immense love for the four-legged babies and his devotion to treating them and caring for them for more than half his life has led to him becoming one of the most prominent and trusted veterinarians in the UAE.

With the aim of bringing affordable, accessible and above all quality care to your pets.Our clinic is equipped with top-of-the-industry products, professional caregivers and a highly trained team. VET + CARE

We have an in-house team of veterinarians and groomers. Your pet grooming will be conducted by professional groomers and overlooked by a trained veterinarian, thus making sure no leaf is left unturned in providing the best services to your fur-buddies. We are a one-stop-destination for all your pet care. 

Why Al Hayat Grooming

Vet + Grooming

 Dr. AbdulMuttaleb Kalaji treating a grey puppy

We treat your pets as our children

 Dr. AbdulMuttaleb Kalaji treating a young animal

At every step of the way

 Dr. AbdulMuttaleb Kalaji treating a goat