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Rabbit Grooming

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Grooming Packages and Tariffs For Rabbit Grooming



Basic Grooming

AED 165

Full Grooming

AED 260

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Benefits of Rabbit Grooming

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not low maintenance pets. They need constant attention and care, and even quite a few trips to the vet and groomers. 

Rabbits need to be groomed regularly to prevent their coats from getting matted, which can, in turn, lead to skin infections as well as a disease called flystrike, which has proven fatal to rabbits. 

Rabbits tend to groom themselves, as a result of which hairballs are a common factor in inflammatory diseases in rabbits. Apart from these, the grooming process also acts as a double-up for detecting any underlying skin or health conditions, and any misplaced lumps or bumps.

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How often do I need to get my rabbit groomed?

Your rabbit should be brought in for professional grooming every 6-8 weeks. Apart from this, you should regularly be brushing your rabbit’s fur at home to prevent any kind of matting.

How often do I need to get my rabbit’s nails trimmed?

It is recommended to get your rabbit’s nails trimmed or clipped every 2-3 weeks. Excess nail growth can make walking or hopping around for them extremely uncomfortable. In case, if you use a rabbit cage, there’s also a chance of it getting caught in the wire, leading to breakage and bleeding toes.

When should I introduce my rabbit to grooming?

Pet owners are recommended that they introduce their puppies to the grooming process in the early stages of their lives, to help them familiarise themselves and get comfortable with the process. 10-12 weeks is a good time period to bring in your rabbits for their first-ever grooming session.