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Pet Microchipping

A Reliable, Safe and Secure ID Cards for Fur-Babies 

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What is Microchipping and Why is it Important?

All vets suggest microchipping your pets but let’s start with learning more about the process.So,

what is a microchip?
A microchip is a radio-frequency identification transponder carrying a unique identification number. It is small, often described as the size of a grain of rice. 

How does it work?
When a vet clinic or shelter scans the ID, it transmits the ID number. Through the ID, they contact the company that made the chip and get the owner’s information. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to register the microchipping, otherwise, all your efforts go to vain. 

Insertion Process
Microchipping your pet is as simple and invasive as vaccinating them. The chip is injected under the loose skin between your dog’s shoulder blades or your cat’s neck. It doesn’t require a battery, power or any additional technology, which gives your pet a permanent identification.

Now coming to the benefits of microchipping your pets - cases of lost pets are a common phenomenon in the UAE and over the world. Whether your pet is a complete indoor animal or they are known to take an occasional stroll in the sun, it gives you, the owner, peace of mind, that in case they are lost or stolen, there is over 85% chance your fur babies will be returned back home. 

What to do after my pet is microchipped? 
First, make sure that your microchip is registered.
Second, take your pet to the vet once a year to get the chip scanned, to make sure it is still working without errors.
Third and last, keep your registration up-to-date, in case there’s been any changes in phone numbers, owner details or addresses