Bringing Home A New Pet: 6 Things You Should Consider To Prep Yourself

Happy dog wearing cool yellow eye wear

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Having a pet, a furry friend, running around the house, at all times, playing with you, loving you and completely dedicating their fragile and finite life to you, is one of the greater joys that we, as human beings, can choose to feel. 

Not only are they adorable to look at and cuddle with, and a free source of entertainment and laughter all day long, but owning pets can also bring along with them a number of social, emotional and physical benefits. 

They teach us selfishness, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and playtime with them, has proven to boost immunity and reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

But making this decision is the easiest step of the process. 

We are listing down 6 important pointers you should consider before you head to the adoption agency:

  • Ask yourself if you’re ready 

Wanting a pet, and having a pet are two entirely different worlds. A pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. Ask yourself if you can warranty the time and energy that a pet demands. Remember that a pet is a child that never grows up, therefore they require constant attention and care throughout their life. If you have any doubts regarding your availability to cater to your pet’s various needs, we suggest you take some more time and give issue this a thought. 

  • Look into options

Once you have decided that owning a pet is something that you can socially, mentally and emotionally afford, try to look into different options. You may already know whether you want a puppy or kitten or a rabbit, however we suggest you browse into adoption centres, and also give senior dogs and cats a chance. They are always, always a great choice, and in dire need of homes. 

  • Talk to your family 

Make sure that your family is onboard with you adopting a pet. Irrespective of whether you live with them or not, it is better to have this discussion and set expectations and boundaries accordingly. We do not want any surprises for the new baby in the house, or your parents. 

  • Think of the space in your home

Pets need a lot of space to run around and be free. Cats, birds and rabbits are fine, however, if you’re bringing in a canine friend, and you live in a comparatively smaller house, we would suggest you opt for a small dog, instead of getting, let’s say, a german shepherd. 

  • Pets are serious commitment 

Remember that pets are a commitment, and not just fun and games. They can also be inconvenient, at times. If you move to a new city, they move with you. They can be rebellious and unruly, and can take more work than yo had anticipated for. There is nothing more heartbreaking that seeing a pet being abandoned by their owners. 

  • Manage your finances

There are a number of expenses attached to owning a pet. From specialised food, to vaccinations to spaying and neutering. Make sure that you’re financially responsible enough to adopt them. Another major reason for pet abandonment is people making impulsive decisions, without understanding the cost attached to it. 

Now that you have a better idea of your intentions, and you have decided on which little baby to bring back home, what are the next steps?

  1. Loads and Loads of Preparation

You can decide to foster a pet from a local agency to understand your compatibility. Make your house pet-proof (no more lilies, if you have cats).

  1. Assign Dedicated Space

Reserve a section of the house (or room) just for them. Even though dogs are social animal, they can also get anxious, and would need a safe space. For cats, that is where they will leave and occasionally come to visit you. 

  1. Prepare a Checklist

Refer to our pet owning checklist to get a better idea. 

  1. Get in Touch with a Local Veterinarian

Research about the best vets in your area. Luckily, we got you covered. Read our reviews here.

  1. There’s No End to Learning

Be open to constantly learning, researching and talking to other pet parents. Owning a pet has a lot of cracks and crevices to navigate, but there is true joy in sharing your home and life with a delicate creature and loving them unconditionally, and getting the same from them (even cats!)