Bonding with Your Introverted Cats

Grey cat looking up to the text Bonding with Your Introverted Cats

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

10 ways that can help bond better with your cat

As all pet owners are aware, cats are infamously introverted. They like their own space, they will spend time with you but on their own conditions and they might or might not want to snuggle up with you inside your blanket. 

Even though the truth remains that cat behaviour is as mysterious as it gets and it varies from cat to cat, we can all agree that it takes a special time, effort and patience to get them to trust you. 

Unlike dogs, you have to gain a cat’s trust. It is a slow and gradual process, but all in all, definitely worth it. There is no greater joy than when a kitty decides to cuddle up on your lap and take a nap. 

Doesn’t matter if you have a brand new kitten (or cat), or you are just looking for some ideas to become better companions with your feline friend, here are some ways you can bond better with your cat:

Let them come to you

Rule one of owning a kitty is never approaching them. Your cat needs to get familiarised with your smell before they let you touch them. A good way to initiate this is crouching down to their level, extending your hand and letting them smell your fingertips. 

Though some cats will immediately bump their head into your palms as a sign of acceptance, in some cases you might have to do it several times for days before the cat gets used to your human smell and let you pet them.

Use strings or teaser toys to play with them

Cats are a being of the wild and relatives of the lion and tiger family, therefore, like their relatives of the wild, they too carry a hunting instinct, but they also like to play (a lot). Dangle strings in front of your cat to stimulate their hunting instinct and they will immediately enter play mode. You can also use various teaser toys like a spring with a feather attached, or a laser pointer to play with them. 

Cats love their playtime and it is extremely important for you to set up this relationship with them for them to trust you. 

Talk to your cat (very often)

Even if they pretend not to hear you, cats do listen to their owners. Talk to them often and make them aware of their names and get them habituated to your voice. If you call them regularly during their feeding time, they will automatically associate your voice with food.

Stick to a Routine

Cats are very routine-oriented animals. They like habits and timings. Set up a routine for their day, whether it comes to feeding time, playing time or cuddling time.

Reward them with Treats

Yes, treats are not the healthiest snack option for cats, but when given out in a regulated manner, they will help you bond better with your kitty. You can give them a treat after a successful playtime, or if they have been obedient to you. They will then associate your memory with that of receiving tasty treats, and it’s a win-win for both you and the kitty.

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Give them their own space

As already established, cats are pretty reserved animals, therefore it is very important for them to have a space away from you and other humans where they can go when they are upset, tired or they simply want to take a break from the human world. This will show them that they can trust you with keeping them safe and leaving them alone.

Recognise when to step back

It is also very important for you to observe signs in your cat when they do not want to be petted, or played with. It is extremely important for you to respect your cat’s boundaries to make them feel safe with you.

Identify their favourite petting spots

Once they start warming up to you, identify the parts where they love to be petted. Usually, most cats hate belly rubs, but some love them. It is an adventure you need to take to know.

Brush her often

Cats also love to be pampered. Whenever they are cuddling with you, grab a brush and run it through their hair, and it would make them twice as happy.

Never, ever punish them

Unlike dogs, and much like humans, cats do hold a grudge. It is extremely important that you never, ever punish your cat. Because they consider themselves superior, when a cat is punished they do not learn from it, but only start to fear the punisher. Punishing a cat does no good to anyone.

When it comes to bonding with your cat, always remember that patience is key.