5 Ways to Make a Dog-Walk Fun in Dubai (for Everyone)

People walking their Cute Dogs

Friday, March 24, 2023

Dogs and their humans have always shared a special bond. This development arises from their mutual understanding and wants of the outdoors, physical activity, and bonding time with their loved ones. Most dogs are famously extroverted and therefore crave the wild streets, the park greenery, and the occasional interaction with a kind stranger much more than their feline counterparts. 

Daily walks with your dog are an extremely fun (and necessary) way of bonding and maintaining your puppy’s health. They are a great exercise partner with plenty of energy and frankly, there’s never a boring moment with them. However, many dog owners have started to consider dog walking as a ‘chore’ rather than a fun time that contributes to their pets' mental and physical well-being. 

We do understand where they are coming from, given that repeating the same exercise over and over again CAN get a little dull, and might even seem pointless, therefore we are here to help you figure out how to make your dog walks fun, creative, and an enriching experience for both your dogs and yourself. 

Let your dog take you out for a walk

Instead of you taking them out, let your dog take the lead on your daily walks. As they explore the neighbourhood, you too can explore with them. Remember that it does not have to be a long and exhaustive walk for it to be fun. ‘Follow your dog’ is a great way to not only add an extra element of surprise to your own walking schedule but also gain a chance at understanding your canine friend better, at what interests and attracts them. 

You should also let your dog go around sniffing things, and sometimes a great touch would be to bring along small objects that smell like things they love, and then scatter them around the area to let them find the things, turning your little walk into a full-blown treasure hunt. 

Make it a double affair 

You can also call up a companion with a furry friend and make it a double date. Most dogs love having company to play with, and having a second dog also takes some of the weight off your shoulders, and makes the walk interesting, cutting out the monotony for both your dogs and you — the owners. However, we do suggest keeping the number of dogs on the lesser side, as too many paws in the mud might get a little demanding and overwhelming for the owners to handle, especially if a fight breaks out. It is much easier for dogs to socialise with other dogs on a one-on-one basis. 

Switch up your route 

We understand that it is easier to have a fixed route. It solves the problem of daily planning and prepping. However, after a while, it goes get boring and monotonous for both your pet and yourself, at which point, it starts looking more like a chore and less like an activity you should actually be enjoying. When selecting routes for dog walking, you can also traverse the internet and find the best routes in your locality where your dog can be greeted with many pleasant surprises such as a squirrel-filled tree, a water body to splash in, or simply a large land to run across.  

Incorporate some play-in-the-park time into the schedule

We know with our busy lives and jobs, it is not always possible to turn every dog walk into park time, however, many owners don’t even consider letting their four-legged friends run free on the green grass under an endless blue sky. Incorporating a little playtime into their walking schedules now and then will come to your dog as a happy surprise, and also break the monotony of the walk. You can plan these park times beforehand in a way that fits into your schedules, while at the same time comes to your dog like tiny surprises (they will be elated either way, so you’re good to go). 

Don’t let distractions distract you from what’s important 

Coming to the most important point, let your time on these dog walks be reserved for just your dogs, which means no scrolling through social media or talking to a friend on the phone. We do not often realise this, but our pets are extremely sensitive to our behaviour and are very much aware of when the attention they are receiving is divided, and even though they do not necessarily communicate this to us, they feel the ignorance dawning heavily upon them. 

Just remember, that your dog looks up to you as the most precious creature ever and therefore, spending time with you is the highlight of their day, and they expect the same from you. Your daily dog walks would be much more enjoyable if you looked at it through your pet’s eyes.