How to find the best Pet Groomer for Your Fur-Babies in the UAE

A well groomed dog and cat

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Hand Pick Only the Best For Your Fur-Babies

The new world has brought along with it a wave of care, respect and love for our furry friends. Not to say, that these did not exist earlier, however, with the arrival of internet culture, the idea of pets has shifted from an accessory to a family member, bringing along with it a massive upgrade in the way they are treated. 

In today’s world, pet parents are always searching for the best for their fur babies — be it the best veterinary clinic, the best food brands, toys, boarding houses, and of course, the best groomers

Pet salon is a booming industry, which gives pet parents a wide range of pet grooming services to choose from. However, there are multiple factors we need to consider and keep in mind before we decide to take our pawed buddies to a pet grooming salon and end up with something horrendous. 

A bad haircut is not the worse that can come from an ill-fitted groomer. There have been several reported cases of fatal infections, wrong treatments or the inability to handle the pets with care, which can make any pet parent conscious and anxious before choosing the perfect grooming salon, which is why this article would talk exclusively about how you can go about handing picking the best pet grooming service for your fur babies.

Trust Word of Mouth

Asking around is the first step in filtering out the better groomers from a pool of money-hungry businesses. If you have friends, colleagues or neighbours with pets, consult them regarding the pet salon they use — how long have they been taking their pets to them, what they like about them, what they don’t like about them — usually that would give you a pretty decent idea. The budget is also an important thing to consider, ask them if you feel what they charge is worth their services.

Qualifications and Experience

Once you have a few grooming salons shortlisted, enquire into their qualifications — do they have a license to practice in your area/city/country; what kind of grooming programmes do their staff go through; do they have any special certifications? Most of the time, these certifications or accreditations would be displayed on their website or in the physical salon, but if you can’t spot one, do not hesitate to ask.

Survey their Space

Before you decide to take your pet, it is crucial that you pay a visit to the salon first, and examine the space. Consider if they have separate areas for different services, separate areas for canines and felines (especially because their being in the same space can get chaotic). Most importantly, check for cleanliness and hygiene; more than decorations, it should be their treatment space, methods of disposal, etc. that should give you a clear picture of the salon’s hygiene level.

Importance of the Right Tools and Products

When visiting the salon, you may also enquire about the type of products and tools they use, including special products in case a pet turns out to be allergic to one of the more common ingredients. Usually, pet parents do not pay attention to the products being used on their pets in a salon, but you should always make sure that your pets are being treated with the best quality materials (and you’re getting your money’s worth).

Explore their Range of Services

Check the range of services they provide and if it is a one-stop solution because it would not make sense for you to have one groomer for the perfect bath and another one for the perfect haircut. The best grooming services are the ones that provide all grooming services

Another important thing to consider is whether they have a mobile grooming service, or if they do home visits. Always opt for a groomer who provides these facilities.

Associations with Organisations

It is also good to check if they are associated with any professional grooming organisations. Even though this is not a must-have, if a pet salon is, they can always get brownie points.

Read (Plenty of) Reviews

Do not slack off on reading online reviews (even if you have gotten a recommendation from a close friend or family). It is important to look into everyone’s experience and remember that it only takes one mistake. Therefore, go as deep as you can, including checking out Google reviews, Trustpilot, Facebook reviews and Instagram comments. It is better not to go by their online reviews only.

Customer Service is Everything

The customer in this scenario is your pet. When you visit the pet salon, study how the staff and even other members of the salon are behaving with the pets. It is important that they feel welcomed and loved. Once you have finalised the salon, take your pet for a visit (or call them over) to see how they are reacting to their new groomers. Usually, if your pet gels up with them well, there is not much to worry about.

Remember that it takes patience and effort. 

The best groomers are not the more expensive ones, but the ones that treat your pets as their own.