How to Keep Your Pets Comfortable During Dubai Winters

Cute dog with a snow background

Friday, December 9, 2022

Top 10 steps to keep your fur baby super comfortable this winter

Dubai might not be known for its extreme winters (compared to its infamous summer months), nevertheless, the days and nights can get quite chilly during the months of November - February, sometimes even extending until early march, with the temperature dropping down to as low as 12°C. 

As humans bundle up and prepare for the holiday season, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling in their blankets, more than often we forget to offer similar care to their pets, assuming that their fur would protect them from even the harshest winters, and even though, most animals are designed to withstand a pendulum swing between summer and winter months, it is always better to take extra precautionary measures and make sure that the winter months are comfortable for both you and your fur child. 

Regulate Outdoor Time

A problem that dog owners (and maybe even some cat owners) might face in the winter months is that of taking them out for their daily walks. It is suggested that one does not stop taking them out completely, however, manage the time wisely, and choose portions of the day when your pet can get plenty of sunlight.

Keep these walks short, both in terms of time and distance; these portions can turn out to be quite healthy for both your pet’s physical and mental health. 

Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Because most of your pet’s time will now be spent indoors, you might want to think about pet-proofing your apartment. Come winter months, many new things — that might catch your pet’s attention — start appearing; while a few things like Christmas trees and ornaments might be harmless, electrically heated things such as a space heater, fireplaces (if you’re using one), water rods, etc. might be dangerous to keep around a hyperactive pet. 

Keep a close eye when the heaters are on, always remember to switch them off and unplug them before leaving the house, and if you’re using a fireplace, it is best to get a firescreen or fireguard to protect the little furry kids from getting too close. 

Use Warm Wears

You can use various knitwear to protect your fur child from the chilling winters of Dubai. A sweater is usually the best option, but if your dog or cat is unwilling to try on something heavy, you can also opt for a windcheater or a scarf, or a winter jacket. 

Keep them Hydrated

Unlike summer months, winter does not really see a “necessity” of water, especially for pets. This, in turn, leads to more cases of dehydration in the winter months as compared to the summer months and causes several stomach issues. It is important for you, as a paw parent to keep a strict eye on your pet’s water intake and make sure that they are consuming enough gallons in a day. 

Food and Water

Warm your pet’s food and water before serving it to them. If your cat eats at their own whim, it is better to keep reheating their portions until done. 

Remove Common Poisons

A common condiment that graces our house during the winter months is antifreeze. If using the same, make sure to keep your pets away from them, and clean up any spillage if and when they happen. 

Set a Warm Space

Be it a cat or dog bed, soft pillows, or their personal blankie, it is important for your pet to have a warm space of their own, that they can curl up in whenever they want to. 


Remember to moisturise the exposed parts of their skin, especially their paws and noses, which can get cracked or flaky during winter. You can also consult your veterinarian, and get moisturising supplements to add to their food. Additionally, coconut oil is a great natural moisturiser that you can use on your pet (check with your vet for any allergies your pet might have).

Avoid Overfeeding

More food does not mean more protection from the heat. Most pet parents tend to overfeed their pets during the winter months. It is best to consult your veterinarian on the amount of food intake suitable for your pet. The intake might vary on the basis of age, breed, weight, etc. 

Groom don’t Shave

Just because it is winter, does not mean that you would abandon your pet’s grooming needs. It is essential for your pet’s well-being that you continue to attend to their grooming needs at the necessary intervals. 

However, shaving your pets (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary) is highly discouraged, as their furs are their primary protection from the cold weather. 

Moreover, always keep an eye out for animals who aren’t as fortunate as your pet during these winter months. Cats often crawl under cars to keep themselves warm. Check for them, and contact your local adoption places to see if the little babies can be fostered for a month or two.