Basic Vaccination for Cats and Dogs in Dubai 2023

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Here is a list of basic vaccination you need to consider for your pet if you are in Dubai in 2023

Illness in pets is almost as common as illness in humans. Just like us, the internal workings of a pet’s immune system can falter greatly if they are not provided with the correct vaccinations at the appropriate age, leading to several organ disorders or even fatalities.

Moreover, pets spend the majority of their time (if not all) hanging around human homes, and thus can also pose a threat to the well-being of the family members, more so if you have an infant or toddler in your house, who spends time in close proximity with said pet.  

Regardlessly, we all want our furry friends to stay healthy and live a long, long life. 

Pet vaccination is the most important and basic part of contributing to your pet’s health (along with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and plenty of love). 

Vaccination schedules can (sometimes) turn out to be rigorous and are mostly strict with minimum flexibility, therefore you must examine this factor if you are not a pet owner yet, and are looking to adopt. 

The different types of vaccines and their corresponding schedules may become a little confusing, especially if this is your first pet, therefore, we at Al Hayat, are here to help you figure out the basic vaccination requirements in Dubai along with the veterinarian-recommended timeline. 

Personal Vaccination Records to keep track of your vaccinations

Basic/Mandatory Vaccines for Dogs in Dubai 

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There are several contagious diseases that affect your dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. It is of utmost priority that your little canine friends receive the right vaccines at the right time to avoid getting sick. 

Even if they are an indoor pet, these vaccines are extremely important for their wellbeing, and potential diseases to not turn fatal. 

  • Rabies: Rabies are a very common virus that attack dogs and can turn them violent. To keep them safe, your dogs need to be given the rabies vaccine at 3-months of age, and then one each year after that. 
  • Canine Distemper Virus (CDV): Distemper is a viral disease in dogs that can cause deadly breathing problems, and affect your dog’s nervous system. To keep your canine friends safe, the CDV vaccines needs to be given between the age of 6-16 weeks: 2 doses which are given 4 weeks apart. 
  • Canine Parvo Virus: This virus affects your puppy’s stomach and to save them from continued stomach problems, the vaccine for this needs to be given between 6-16 weeks of age. 
  • Infectious Canine Hepatitis: Adenovirus-Type 1, Adenovirus-Type 2; Just like humans, our dogs need to be protected against hepatitis which affects their livers and can cause severe breathing problems.

Non-Mandatory Vaccines for Dogs in Dubai 

  • Parainfluenza: The vaccine for this virus keeps your dog safe from ‘canine cough’ and should be given to them between the age of 6-8 weeks. 
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica: This virus also causes severe breathing problems in dogs, along with the infamous ‘kennel cough’. 2 vaccines, at any time in their early years, need to b given to keep them safe and healthy. 
  • Lyme disease
  • Leptospirosis
  • Canine influenza

Basic/Mandatory Vaccines for Cats in Dubai

Just like dogs, cats are severely susceptible to various kinds of virus that causes respiratory disease. In fact, asthma is a very common issue in many calico cats. To keep them safe and healthy for a long period of time, it is essential for them to be administered the correct vaccines at the correct time. 

  • FVRCP: This vaccine keeps your kitties safe from three different viruses, that causes them to suffer from severe breathing problems, oral diseases and stomach intestine problems. The vaccines for this disease needs to be given to your cats in the intervals of 6-8weeks, 10-12 weeks, 14-16 weeks, 1 year and at 3 years. 
  • Rabies Vaccine: Just like dogs, cats also need to be given rabies vaccines, at the age of 12-16 weeks, followed by one per year for the rest of their lives. 
  • Feline Herpesvirus Type I: The vaccine for this virus needs to be given to your cats to prevent breathing and eyesight problems.

Non-Mandatory Vaccines for Cats in Dubai 

  • Feline Leukemia Virus
  • Bordetella
  • Chylamydophila Felis
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus