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Pet Full Grooming

What does our Full Grooming package include?
A head-to-toe cleaning, scrubbing and pampering programme for your furry friend

Hair Cut, Bath, Brush and Blow-Dry, Cleaning/Trimming the Sanitary Area, Ear Cleaning, Eye Cleaning, and Nail Clipping

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illustration of a dog getting a full grooming

What does our Full Grooming package include?

Trimming/ Cleaning the Sanitary Area

We attend to your pet’s sanitary area with anal gland expressing, and trimming excess hair growth. Pets can be a little sensitive about strangers handling their sanitary parts, however, as a testimony to previous clients, our loving vet has seen great success in becoming fast friends with your pets, allowing them to trust them completely in a short span of time, and being comfortable around them

Bath and Blow Dry

We deep cleanse and scrub your pets, using the best products to keep their coats soft, fluffy and lustrous. A good professional bath will rid them of stubborn stains, and heat stress and will give them an extensive pamper session.Blow-Drying your pet bone dry will make its fur look straighter, cleaner, and fluffier

Ear Cleaning

Ears are sensitive areas which can be difficult to clean by owners, and even for cats to groom themselves. Over time, a lot of earwax can cause a stink and even partial hearing loss. It is, therefore, advisable for pet owners to get their pets’ ears cleaned by a trained professional to minimize the risks of accidents and to make sure your pet can hear you calling them, till a long, long age

Nail Chipping

All pet owners have experienced in their lifetimes the perils of chipping off their pets’ nails. It can be a harrowing, mentally exhausting and for some, even a physically threatening process. However, it is important for pets, especially felines and canines to have their nails chipped regularly to avoid them from turning into tiny weapons. You are better off with a professional, who is trained in handling pets in distress, doing this for you

Eye Cleaning

The goo accumulated in the corner of their eyes, just like ears, can be difficult and risky to clean independently, and therefore, it is recommended that you seek the care of a trained professional to make sure your pet’s eyesight remains unstained and distinct

Post-Grooming Happy Faces