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Pet Hair Care

What does our Hair Care package include?
Give your pets a custom cut, drenched in style from the nose to the butt

Hair cut/Shave, Hair Trimming, Hair Brushing, Blow Dry, Ear/Eye Care, & Nail Clipping

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illustration of a dog getting a hair cut

Services Included in the Hair Care Package

Pet Haircut/Shave

We know how important it is for your little fur-buddies to look their best. At Al Hayat, we follow a high-quality first regime, strict and high hygiene standards, along with being extremely pocket friendly. Be it getting rid of matted fur or simple styling, we provide the best quality of service in the UAE. You can bring us a picture of how you’d like your pet to be styled, and we will do our best to recreate the magic. Or you can just ask our groomers to work their creative magic and transform your pet’s look

Nail Chipping

All pet owners have experienced in their lifetimes the perils of chipping off their pets’ nails. It can be a harrowing, mentally exhausting and for some, even a physically threatening process. However, it is important for pets, especially felines and canines to have their nails chipped regularly to avoid them from turning into tiny weapons. You are better off with a professional, who is trained in handling pets in distress, doing this for you

Pet Ear Cleaning

Ears are sensitive areas which can be difficult to clean by owners, and even for cats to groom themselves. Over time, a lot of earwax can cause a stink and even partial hearing loss. It is, therefore, advisable for pet owners to get their pets’ ears cleaned by a trained professional to minimize the risks of accidents and to make sure your pet can hear you calling them, till a long, long age. 

Pet Hair Brushing

There is no such thing as brushing your pet a lot! Most pets love a good brush. It keeps their fur healthy, soft, bouncy and lustrous. We end the session with a thorough brush, that will delight your pet and ensure the beauty of their furs

Pet Hair Trimming

With our above-industry level equipment and professional pet-loving groomers, you can be absolutely worry-free, as we attend to those extra furs growing around your pet’s nose, ear and paw

Pet Eye Cleaning

The goo accumulated in the corner of their eyes, just like ears, can be difficult and risky to clean independently, and therefore, it is recommended that you seek the care of a trained professional to make sure your pet’s eyesight remains unstained and distinct

Post-Grooming Happy Faces